26 Good Presents For A Sixtieth Anniversary

If your parents or grandparents are getting ready to celebrate their diamond anniversary, that’s an event that you definitely don’t want to miss. Sixty years of marriage is not just a major milestone; it’s the type of accomplishment that can define two people as much as anything else they’ve done in their lives. That makes finding the right 60th anniversary gift ideas for grandparents or parents a matter of the utmost importance. While you’ve probably gone to great lengths to plan a family celebration to mark the passing of those six decades, a party just seems like an inadequate way to commemorate the day. To truly memorialize it and remind the two of them just how important they are to everyone in the family, you need a 60 year wedding anniversary gift idea that will really touch their hearts. The good news is that we have the perfect list for you to use as you go through the difficult process of deciding just what kind of offering to give. We can guarantee that just a quick glance will get your creative juices flowing.


After looking at those ideas, chances are that you found at least one or two that express just how honored you are to be able to celebrate this type of rare milestone with two people who occupy such an important place in your heart! We know how difficult it can be to even come up with meaningful 60th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents, especially if you want to offer them something more creative than just another piece of diamond jewelry or a watch. That’s why the list is designed to open up a broader range of ideas and possibilities, and spark the creativity you need to think beyond whatever limits you’ve placed on your imagination. There are an almost endless variety of things you can give to commemorate these kinds of once-in-a-lifetime events, and that means that there is always an idea out there that can perfectly meet your need. Look at it this way: if you’ve already seen an idea or three that you think might work, you’re that much closer to identifying just the right sixtieth anniversary gifts to give to your parents at their celebration. Now all you have to do is imagine their reaction as they receive each of those options, and then choose the one that you think will spark the reaction you want to see. And hang onto the list – chances are you’ll need it for their sixty-first next year!

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26 Amazing 10 Year Anniversary Presents

Ladies, we all know that when it comes to that tenth year together with your man, coming up with creative 10 year anniversary gift ideas for him can sometimes be a challenge. Ten years is, after all, a major milestone – and one that warrants giving him something that will truly symbolize the shared love you’ve enjoyed for a full decade. The problem is that when you need a 10th wedding anniversary gift idea for husband, there are only a couple of things that you can do to come up with the ideal token of your esteem. You can do as you’ve always done and just shop around until something catches your eye, but that requires hours of time that your busy schedule may not allow. Alternatively, you could simply take a few minutes and look through our list of tenth anniversary gifts for men, and have all the great ideas you’ll ever need right here at your fingertips! Take a quick look and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

19 Good 10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him Her

After examining that list of possibilities, we’re sure that you have a pretty good idea what you’re going to get him now, right? At the very least, you’ve compiled a short-list of fantastic ideas that can shorten your shopping process considerably. Chances are that you’ve even noted a few products you can give out for other occasions in the future. And if you’re honest with yourself, there are no doubt a number of things on that list that you wouldn’t mind receiving either! For the guys out there who need to get a special something for their wives, the list can provide that 10 years anniversary gift idea for her as well. The Tin anniversary isn’t just a challenge for the women; it’s a nightmare for the men as well. Oh, sure – you could just buy her diamond jewelry, but that’s far from the most innovate way to express your love. You need 10th anniversary gift ideas for wife that will have her smiling from ear to ear. She’ll think you spent months searching for just the right item, and will be amazed at the job you did picking it out! There are few things more important that making sure that the token of love you give your wife on this critical anniversary is something that perfectly captures the emotions you both share. With our list of ideas, finding the perfect tenth wedding anniversary present for women has never been easier!

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18 Good Iron Anniversaries Presents For Him & Her

Wood, candy, and iron seemingly have nothing in common. However for those of you gearing up for your 6th wedding anniversary celebration wood, candy, and iron have a lot in common. If you’re still confused that’s okay (we’ll let you in on the secret). Wood, candy, and iron are the traditional and modern items given in celebration of the 6th year of marriage. Are you trying to find the perfect present to celebrate your 6 years of marriage and can’t come up with the right sixth anniversary gifts for wife to encompass how you feel? We’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. In fact thinking of the perfect 6th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her isn’t hard for just you. It can be tricky for anyone who’s trying to come up with the right 6 year anniversary gift idea for her that she’ll love and will encompass how you feel. You might feel like you’re in a pinch right at this moment, but hopefully we can help get you out by giving you a new and fresh perspective on what to choose to celebrate the occasion.


Were we able to help you to jog your imagination on the perfect present to get to celebrate your 6th anniversary? You may have noticed that the items we chose could be used for sixth anniversary present for husband as well. We did that on purpose. We understand that over the years you needs and wants may have shifted to reflect one another’s. Even so 6 year anniversary gift ideas for him might be a little harder to come up with than you initially thought. We’re sure that if you take a look at our list again you’ll find some great 6th anniversary gift idea for him that you might have missed the first time through. Remember that you can always go the traditional route of candy/iron for your beloved. However if you want to keep your gifts more modern you could get something wooden as well. You’re not just limited to those choices though or even just the items that we picked. The whole purpose of our list was meant to inspire you. If you know of others who are struggling to find the perfect present then please point them in our direction. We don’t think that anyone should have to stress over the perfect thing to get his or her loved ones.

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35 Great Presents For An Eleventh Anniversary

It’s been eleven years now, and your steel anniversary is looming large on the calendar. Steel might seem like an odd choice for an anniversary theme, but there’s a reason it was chosen so long ago. Once you think of all that it symbolizes, you’ll realize that it perfectly reflects the strength of your union after more than a decade together. As a husband looking for the perfect item to give his wife, you know that you need 11 year anniversary gift ideas for her that will reflect the proven power of your united love. You also need something a little more meaningful than a new stainless steel appliance! The good news is that we’ve taken much of the guesswork out of the process of finding that 11th wedding anniversary gift idea for wife. We’ve prepared the perfect list of potential mementos you can give to your wife on this important day of celebration. All you have to do is examine our list of ideas and you’ll discover what many men before you have already learned: this is the easiest and most efficient way to find truly memorable eleventh anniversary gifts for women.


Obviously, that’s the type of compilation of great ideas that can make any man’s shopping a breeze! At the same time, there’s nothing that says that the ladies out there can’t benefit from this list as well! The fact is that many women are so busy these days that there just never seems to be time to squeeze in that additional shopping trip to select a token of esteem for the men in their lives. Well, when a wife finds herself in need of 11 years anniversary gift ideas for him, time never has to be a factor again. With this list, there is such a wide variety of options available that no woman should ever have to worry about what she’ll give her husband for some special occasion.. Even after she’s found the ideal 11th anniversary gift ideas for husband, the list can still be an important tool any time she needs ideas for future celebrations. And it’s a tool that can make the process of giving the people you love mementos to mark certain special occasions simpler than it’s ever been. So, our list is not only the obvious choice for women who need to find those hard-to-pick eleventh wedding anniversary presents for men, but it’s also the only resource you’ll need for similar celebration needs in the future.

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20 Good Presents For 7th Anniversaries For Couples

By the time any couple has hit that seven year mark in their marriage, both husband and wife have generally reached a point where they’re very comfortable with their life together. Most also recognize just how fortunate they are to share their lives with one another. To symbolize that comfort and good fortune, tradition has usually associated both copper and wool with the seventh year of marriage. If you’re a wife wondering what to get your husband for this occasion, 7th anniversary gift ideas for him may seem somewhat mundane. After all, neither wool nor copper are what you would consider exciting, right? And even the more modern desk set notion seems like a pretty boring 7th wedding anniversary gift idea for him. Well, there is good news, ladies! There are no limitations on the types of mementos you can give your husband on this special occasion, even should you opt for a more traditional offering. 7 year anniversary presents for husband can be as creative as you want them to be, regardless of whether you choose tradition, a more modern approach, or something entirely new! If you doubt that, just look at this list of creative ideas.


Now that’s definitely a list of suggestions that opens up an almost infinite array of possibilities, right? Of course, husbands need to get into the act as well – and this list can work every bit as well for their needs too. There are a whole host of 7th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her that are sure to make any seventh anniversary one that she won’t soon forget. Since so many men would rather have their teeth pulled out than spend more than a few minutes shopping for presents, this kind of list is the ideal way for them to locate the ideal token that best expresses their love. Any man who wants to give something memorable to his wife but finds that he’s struggling to even come up with a reasonably good 7 year anniversary gift idea for her will find this list to be the answer to that dilemma! With its diverse group of product suggestions and creative approach to nearly every celebratory event, our list has exactly what any man needs to enable him to track down the 7 years wedding anniversary present for wife that he knows she deserves. That fact will make the list a resource any man will refer to time and time again!

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35 Great Presents For A Twelfth Anniversary

You know your marriage has reached that point when the really rough parts are smoothed out when you hit the silk anniversary. After all, what’s smoother than silk? Seriously, though, that twelve year mark is an important one. In addition to being almost halfway to that impressive silver anniversary, the twelve-year mark also represents a point at which most couples now enjoy some level of luxury in their life together. That’s why silk is the first thing you think of when you’re looking for 12 year anniversary gift ideas for her. Since that material has long represented both comfort and luxury, it is an ideal symbol of the love you share. That doesn’t mean that your 12th anniversary gift idea for wife has to be some mundane silken item of the sort you’ve given her a thousand times before. Just check out this list of twelfth anniversary presents for women and you’ll see that there’s an almost endless variety of options available for the man who is serious about finding just the right item to give to his wife.


As helpful as that list is for you men as you search for the most heartfelt present for your wives, it can be equally beneficial for any women in need of suggestions. So ladies, if you’re struggling to decide what to get for your men on such a momentous occasion, rest easy. The list has 12 year anniversary gift idea for him too. So while you may have been planning to just grab a new pair of silken pajamas or something similar, a few minutes spent reading through that list of items should help you to see that there are far more possibilities than you may have initially thought. The 12th anniversary gift ideas for him that we present in this compilation represent a wide variety of giving suggestions that should help you to express your love in a way that is deeply personal to both of you. Rather than just giving your husband what everyone else gives theirs, you can select an item that matches both of your personalities perfectly. That is the surest path to making your silken anniversary one that the two of you will remember for years and decades to come. So forget your worries; we have exactly the 12th wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband that you need to make your anniversary celebration as perfect as your love.

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20 Great Bronze Anniversary Presents

For any husband in need of something to give to his wife after eight years of marriage, coming up with 8 year anniversary gift ideas for her is not always the easiest task in the world. Part of that difficulty has to do with the conflict between a reverence for tradition and a personal need to thrill her with each new token of his esteem. If that sounds like you, and you’re struggling to come up with a dazzling 8th wedding anniversary gift idea for her, we understand your plight. That old pottery theme that has for so long been associated with the eighth year certainly does seem to be a little less than the romantic fare that most men are seeking for their wives. Even the bronze alternative seems a little dingy these days – though with enough creativity it can still manage to shine! The reality is, though, that you sometimes need a little help picking out the perfect item to give to the woman you love. Because we recognize that fact, we have a list of eighth anniversary present ideas for wife that should make your shopping a breeze!


Some people might assume that finding the right present is an easier task for a woman. That’s often not the case either! These anniversaries can be tough for both spouses to manage, and there’s no shame in admitting that you need assistance. So, if you’re a woman looking for something to give to your husband on that important eight year mark, our list is certain to have at least one great 8 year anniversary gift idea for him that will capture your attention. If you did manage to only see one fantastic option then you’d be one of the first, of course. In most cases, the women who use this list to shop for their husbands find more 8th anniversary gift ideas for him than they need. Whether you find one option you like or a hundred, the important thing is that you’re able to stop agonizing over the process of getting your spouse something that will adequately express the way you feel. Now you know exactly where to send your friends and family when they need 8 years anniversary presents for husband or wives – or any other items they want to give to their friends and loved ones. Making a purchase for someone you care about will never be difficult again!

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50 Great Presents For A Fifteenth Anniversary

Have you been married to your love for fifteen years? Are you stuck trying to think of the present that will properly encompass your feelings about the past fifteen years? There’s no need to keep worrying. Great ideas take time to come up with and sometimes…ample inspiration is required. The list that we created for you is sure to give you great ideas. If you’re shopping for your wife it may be intimidating trying to come up with the perfect 15th anniversary gift idea for her. Our list of 15th anniversary presents is sure to not disappoint even the pickiest person. 15th wedding anniversary gift ideas for your wife don’t have to be intimidating. If you’re searching for how to become inspired about getting the perfect gift there are a couple things you can do. First off you can think back to your special day and think of how happy the two of you were. You could also think back on this past year of marriage and highlight something great that happened. For the rest of your inspirational ideas let us help by checking out our awesome list.


It’s our hope that our list provided you with the inspiration that you needed to find the amazing 15 year wedding anniversary present that you’ve been looking for. If you’re shopping for a great gift for your hubby our list can help you with thinking up the perfect 15 year anniversary gift idea for your husband. An anniversary present doesn’t have to be modern or traditional if you don’t want it to be. However if you’re curious about the modern and traditional gifts we’d be happy to share them with you. Traditionally people give crystal gifts for the 15th year of marriage. The modern choice is to give a watch. These are meant to simply serve as ideas for 15th anniversary gift ideas for him. The only person who would know what he would truly enjoy would be you. After all you’re the one who has been married for fifteen years. We want to help to inspire you on your mission for a great gift. You can help him or her remember how you first met or fell in love with a simple memento as the gift or in addition to it. If you know of other spouses who are in a similar boat to you don’t hesitate to point them in our direction.

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16 Lovely Presents For Ninth Anniversaries

As the ninth anniversary of your wedding day rapidly approaches and you furiously search for something to give your wife, don’t you wish there was an easier way to handle the whole process? Sure, the internet has made life a little easier when it comes to finding 9 year anniversary gift ideas for her, but even online shopping has its drawbacks. After all, who has time to search through the thousands and thousands of sites offering these types of presents just to find that one special offering you’re looking for? To make matters worse, you also have to deal with the fact that you probably still have no idea what sort of items would serve as meaningful 9 years wedding anniversary gifts for her. All in all, it’s a recipe for frustration! Well, relax and sit back, because we’ve done something you probably never thought could happen. That’s right! We’ve designed the type of centralized list that can make it easy for you to find that perfect ninth wedding anniversary gift idea for wife. All you have to do is go through it at your leisure and select the items that best match the sentiments you want to express.


Women deserve access to that same level of help, of course – and we haven’t forgotten about their shopping needs either! As a matter of fact, we have as many women searching through this list as men, and having similar positive experiences. Most have little trouble finding the ideal 9th anniversary gift idea for men in their lives, regardless of whether it’s a present for their husbands, a brother, or just a family friend. Nor are the gifts limited to the traditional willow and wicker themes that have long served as the thematic emblem for this anniversary. No, this is a unique and innovative compilation of 9th wedding anniversary gift ideas for him that truly pushes the envelope in terms of creativity. Yes, there are some more traditional items for those who find comfort in those rituals. At the same time, though, any woman should have no trouble at all finding a 9 year anniversary gift idea for husband that will truly remind him of just how much he means to her. So, be bold, be innovative, and be adventurous as you search through this group of product suggestions. We can all but guarantee that you’ll find exactly what you need to make this anniversary the most memorable one yet!

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42 Great Presents For A Seventeenth Anniversary

Two gemstones – amethyst and citrine – have long been the traditional choice when it comes to 17 year anniversary gift ideas for husband or wife. While those were once precious stones beyond the budget of most couples, their price has dropped far below those old highs as huge deposits of the stones have been discovered in South America. Today, almost anyone can afford anniversary gifts that are made from these gems. Still, that doesn’t mean that a woman has to rely on traditional ideas when she’s trying to decide on the perfect 17th wedding anniversary gift idea for him. There are a variety of other giving options out there, including everything from watches and jewelry that incorporate these two stones into their design to more modern furniture choices that serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose. Better yet, you can just take a look at our comprehensive list of suggestions and gain new perspective on the types of mementos and products that might best represent the sentiments you’re trying to express. We can all but guarantee that there’s something in here that will strike your fancy and help you in your decision-making process.


Of course, all of the men out there can benefit from this selection of suggestions as well. In fact, the process of coming up with just the right 17th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her is at least as important as what she picks for her husband. Men often struggle when it comes to shopping for presents. Many are not sure what to get, and worry about whether certain items convey the right message. They want their 17 year wedding anniversary gift idea for wife to be perfect in every way. The problem is that the available presents that are out there are often so scattered throughout different stores and disparate web sites that men get frustrated by the very act of searching for that one perfect idea. That’s why this list works so perfectly for men. Because we’ve compiled all those ideas into one central location, it removes much of the pressure associated with the shopping process. We enable any man to just sit down, peruse the possibilities at his leisure – and then choose the ideal 17th anniversary present idea for her without any of the stress or annoyance he might otherwise experience. It’s no wonder so many men rely on our list for all their giving needs!

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