20 Cute 1st Birthday Gifts For Every Baby Boy

The first year of life is one that may be one of the hardest. It is also one of the most celebrated for everyone involved. All the crying, the tears, the first laughs, and maybe even a few hugs. Is there a special birthday boy in your life? More importantly are there some parents you know that just made it through their first year in raising their rascal boy? Thinking of first birthday gifts for boy can be kind of taxing. If you’ve never had children you might be a little overhead when it comes to one-year-old boys and their ideal presents. After all what do one year olds even do? Are they walking, talking, or still trying to figure out up from down? Never fear we’ve got you covered on all the baby boy 1st birthday gift ideas both big and small. Some of the best presents for baby boys can be found by snooping; asking parents and guardians what he’s into at the moment, and figuring out what the little boy really enjoy playing with. What objects grab their attention the most? You could also give an item that has a very practical use and might make the parents lives a tad easier. If you’re in need of some inspiration please take a look at our first birthday gift ideas for boys. Now that you’ve seen an array of choices, you may have a better idea of just what options make a great first birthday present. We didn’t mention it at the beginning, but your relation to the birthday boy might play a big role in the present that you decide to purchase. If you’re looking for 1st birthday present ideas for son you may want to think about what toy caught his interest first. Perhaps something that is a little more sentimental. When shopping around for a first birthday gift idea for nephew you may have a more fun loving approach and choose something that is a little bit useless but a lot of bit awesome to your young nephew. The best part about giving 1st birthday presents to the special boy is that no matter what it is he’s sure to be in awe. After all if he’s never seen it before you might as well be gifting him the moon. Your son, nephew, or other special boy in your life is sure to love whichever present you decide to get him.

16 Adorable 1st Birthday Gift Ideas For Baby Girls

Is there a little girl in your life who is no longer a something-month old, but instead can have the title of one year old? This is a really exciting occasion and a birthday that must be celebrated. Babies go through so much in their first year of life. So cherish the day by getting the right present that will make her smile light up the room. We have some great suggestions for 1st birthday gifts for girl. Are you questioning if you even need first birthday gift ideas for girls? Aren’t they just going to slobber all over the cute toy? In short, yes, there will probably be some slobber, but these baby girl first gift ideas can also help to expand the little girl’s world. Babies love being exposed to new and different things. Chances are the presents you choose will blow her little mind and help her to grow. Our suggestion to you would be to look around and you might just find the perfect one for her. Did our list help to spark your imagination? It’s our hope that we’ve helped you with your shopping for amazing and functional 1st birthday gift ideas for daughter. Or perhaps you’re the aunt or uncle of a little princess. If that’s the case then you can probably choose first birthday gifts for niece that her parents never would have thought to get. Not only can you be her favorite Aunt or Uncle, but you can also rest assured that you’re helping to further developer her intellectual abilities. It’s good to remember that function doesn’t always have to come before fun. Some of the best suggestions are those that combine fun with functionality. When instilling a love of life and learning in kids its important to make sure that their first presents create positive interactions. A first birthday is meant to celebrate everything that has happened in the past from the craziness of being a newborn to saying her first word. The best part is that she has so many new firsts in her future still. Are you shopping for a present but aren’t direct family? That’s really great and we’ve got plenty options for you as well. If you’re the parents of a birthday girl then you’ll have a lot of decisions to make about the perfect first birthday presents for daughters (if you have more than one) to choose from.

29 Thoughtful 60th Birthday Gifts That Women Will Want

Contrary to what some may believe, birthdays are still notable milestones along the road of life even after you enter adulthood. Oh sure, there will always be those who claim that their own birthdays are no longer important – as though time loses meaning once you graduate from childhood. Even most of them are less serious than they might pretend. In reality, most people appreciate having the day of their birth celebrated in one way or another. Think about that while you’re considering the best 60th birthday gift ideas for mom! She might protest that such celebrations long ago ceased to matter, but you know it’s not true. Deep down inside, she still wants you to pick out that one really good 60th birthday gift idea for her that no one else has even considered. But do you even have an inkling of an idea about where to start looking for such an item? Don’t you wish there was someone who could help you come up with the type of unique sixtieth birthday presents for women you need so that you can make the best possible choice? Well, we have that perfect list you’ve been wishing for! We think you’ll agree that if you can’t find a great 60th birthday present idea for mum in that list of exciting options, then you’re not trying hard enough! The fact is that you probably already found at least a handful of exciting choices just from one look, right? The real problem will be sorting through all of the potential ideas our list provides and deciding which one your mother would love the most. But, of course, the list isn’t just for moms. What if it’s your spouse who’s celebrating that major milestone? Our list has you covered there too, and can make it easy for you to find the type of sixtieth birthday present for wife that is sure to put a smile on her face. There are even innovative 60 birthday gifts for sister, so you can take care of any siblings who might be hitting that birthday mark as well. In fact, there are items on our list that you can give to any woman in your life to show her that you’re thinking of her as she celebrates six decades of life. And once you’ve used our list to find the perfect item for some special lady in your life, you’ll discover that it can be a vital resource that you can use for every future celebration!

31 Thoughtful 65th Birthday Gifts That Men Will Love

Is it time to congratulate the latest man who’s gone over the hill in your life? Turning 65 for a man is like a golden ticket. Finally being grumpy and crass are acceptable because the can officially blame their age. Are you gearing up to celebrate the 65th birthday of a man in your life? Are you puzzled as far as what to get as a present? We’ve got great 65th birthday gift ideas for men to help you pick something. One question we have for you regarding who your shopping for is your relation to him. Are you the child of the birthday man’s trying to search for a great present? If this is you we have plenty of 65th birthday gift ideas for your dad that you can choose from? It can be tricky to shop for your father so we wanted to make it a little easier for you. Perhaps you’re coming to this shopping dilemma from a completely different angle. Are you actually the spouse of the birthday man’s and are just a little lost as to the perfect present to get. That’s no problem. There are fantastic 65th birthday gift ideas for your husband that you’re sure to find useful. So take a look at our list and no matter what you’re relation you’re sure to find something that catches your eye for the birthday man in your life. Did anything in particular catch your eye as a contender for 65th birthday presents for the man in your life? If you’re a sibling to the birthday man’s you may be having a hard time deciding on what type of gift you should get your brother. Would it be better to make light of your brother going over the hill or would something a little more sentimental be better? Only you know the answer to those questions. We can tell you that our list is sure to have a little of everything for 65th birthday presents for your brother. With our ideas and your knowledge of him you’re sure to find something great for our list to inspire you’re gift giving for his 65th birthday. You can try to help to remind him that his golden years are upon him and he can enjoy them any way that he wants. If you know of others struggling to find the perfect gift then please send them our way!

20 Great 30th Birthday Gifts That Women Would Love

Birthdays are fantastic celebrations of a person’s life. However for women there seems to be a stigma attached to turning another year older. Many women feel that turning 30 is a bit of a milestone. In 13 Going On 30 Jenifer Garner taught us all what it means to be thirty, flirty, and thriving. This concept is not just applicable in Hollywood though. You can get some fantastic and thoughtful stuff for the women in your life. Its also important to remember the items you select may depend greatly on you relation to the birthday woman you’re shopping for. A famous quote from Gertrude Stein is ‘A rose is a rose is a rose’. We would caution you using this quote when shopping for items. A suggestion for one person is not always the right suggestion for everyone. Keep in mind that the 30th birthday gift ideas for sister may be a bit more outlandish. Whereas a 30th birthday gift idea for wife may have a more refined and decadent feel. Then if you can even imagine some 30th gifts for daughter you may want something that holds a degree of sentiment. Have we thoroughly confused you yet? If so that’s A- Okay because we’re here to lend a helping hand in your hunt for the best present for the woman turning 30 in your life! So now with all of these great presents in mind we believe you’re ready to begin your shopping trip for the perfect present. Treat the 30th birthday with care for the woman in your life. Remind them that the big 3-0 is something to be celebrated not cringed at. We hope that we have assisted you in your journey to find the best suggestion to celebrate the woman in your life with our 30 birthday gift ideas for her. Remember the idea that is perfect for your sister might be an awful suggestion for a 30th birthday present idea for girlfriend. Allow the lesson from 13 Going On 30 help to carry you to a mindset that is flirty and thriving. This is the rule for turning 30 is all about for women and the woman in your life is no exception. These 30th birthday presents for women are intended to celebrate her being another year older and wiser, but also refined and full of zest. Make what you give to her something that she will remember and cherish for years to come.

17 Thoughtful 50th Birthday Gifts Any Man Should Have

What does a 50th birthday mean to a man? That could be a hard question to give a standard answer to. Everyone is a little different about birthdays and there significance. Are you trying to put together a 50th birthday bash or get together and the birthday man is less than receptive. We believe that you can win him over with some great 50th birthday gift for him. No matter how reluctant he was to have the occasion celebrated once there he’s sure to enjoy opening some great presents. Are you looking for a perfect 50th birthday gift idea for your husband? Is he being a little stubborn when you try to prod him for some hints? This isn’t really news to us. Some men just really do not like the idea of celebrating a birthday or making a big fuss over a gift. This can be especially true when you’re the child of the birthday man’s trying to get information. 50th birthday gift ideas for your dad may not be that easy to think of. This is especially true when you can’t get any information from your dad. That’s where our handy list will come in. We’ve got some amazing present ideas that are sure to hit the nail on the head for the perfect gift. Now that you’ve had a chance to look over some of our suggestions the task of searching for the right gift may not feel so daunting. Were you in search of a fantastic 50th birthday present idea for your boyfriend? There’s a great chance that you found the idea that you were searching for from our list. If you’re still hunting for that great 50th birthday present for your father try looking over our list again. If you can, try to imagine his reaction to a couple a gift to help narrow your selection. Are you actually a sibling who’s looking for a fiftieth birthday present for your brother? Out of all the people we’ve mentioned you may have the most unique approach to gift giving. After all you’ve probably known him the longest and may have some really neat ideas for how to celebrate his birthday. So from us to you please don’t let his stubbornness change your mind about finding a great birthday present. Even the most stubborn person is sure to love one of the gifts from our list of presents.

18 Thoughtful 50th Birthday Gifts That Women Would Want

There are plenty of things that get better with age. Some of these include fine wine and cheese. Some many say that we even get better with age. Is there a woman in your life who is approaching her 50th birthday? She may be a little nervous about reaching another milestone in her life and looking back over the past decades of her life. You can help her by picking one of our 50th birthday gift ideas for her. We’ve put this list together to suit all your birthday item needs. Are you in search for the best present for moms? We’ve got wonderful 50th birthday gift idea for mom. Thank her for all of her hard work in raising you. Help her to celebrate all of her life’s accomplishments so far. Is your spouse the one who is turning 50? There are lots of fantastic 50th birthday present idea for wife that you can get. You’re invited to take a look at our list and discover something that will be perfect to celebrate her 50th birthday. Were we able to light the way to some perfect suggestions for fiftieth birthday present ideas for her? There’s a wide selection there for everyone in the birthday woman’s life. If you’re one of the birthday woman’s children you’re sure to find fantastic 50th birthday gift ideas for mum. Our list also highlights some great presents that siblings of the birthday woman can choose. 50th birthday presents for sister can be a little more off the wall if you want. Keep in mind that no matter who you to the birthday woman that there’s plenty to help her celebrate. The item that you choose for her should reflect something fun, fresh, and special to her. Remind her that turning 50 is not something to dread, but something to celebrate. She’s now well seasoned in the game of life and there are still plenty of adventures to be had. However we understand that you may need to check over our list of ideas once or twice more to figure out exactly what you should get. We actually encourage you to do so. You can also pass our list along to others if you know they may be struggling with item giving. Just remember that when picking a suggestion think of a refined wine or something with a bit of spunk to it. Let her know that her 50th birthday could be just as fun if not more so then her 20th.

16 Great 70th Birthday Gifts Any Man Will Enjoy

Is there a man in your life who is celebrating his 70th birthday? Do feel you lost trying to pick the perfect gift for him? We understand that shopping for a birthday present can be a bit of a challenge. Some may find that the older the men in their life become the harder it gets to choose a gift for them. This can especially be the case for the children of the birthday man. Not to worry though! We have some fantastic 70th birthday gift ideas for dad that are sure to knock his socks off. When some turn 70 it seems that if they were already sarcastic in nature that is amplified with age. So much so that you may think the birthday man in your life is a bit of a sour puss. Well no matter if he seems a little more sarcastic or grumpy these days we can still help you find some great 70th birthday gift ideas for him. So please feel free to take a look at our list and see what awesome treasures are waiting to be uncovered by you. It’s our hope that you were able to find something that caught your attention from our list of items. There are plenty of 70th birthday gifts for men that you could choose. By age seventy there’s probably not many items left that he couldn’t just purchase for himself if he wanted to. And there’s where you challenge lies. When thinking of presents to get you may have to think outside of the box. You might have to think of (not to mention) find the item that he doesn’t know he needs or wants. If you’re the sibling of the birthday man’s you may be in an even more unique situation when shopping for the perfect present. You could go for something that’s unique, sentimental, or both. Don’t feel bad if you’re overwhelmed in coming up with an idea. Our list can be used to your advantage when you’re looking for the right 70th birthday present for your brother. If you’re going to or throwing a party for him you may come across others that are also struggling with finding a great present. You can lend them a helping hand by sending them to us. Our list will be sure to help spark anyone’s imagination when it comes to shopping for presents.

16 Coolest 18th Birthday Gifts Teenage Girls Will Want

Adulthood is right around the corner for the birthday girl in your life, or perhaps it’s already here. Are you throwing a big birthday bash for her? If so a crucial part of a big bash are the presents. There are tons of great 18th birthday gift ideas for her in our list. We want to make looking for items as easy as possible. Are you the parents of the birthday girl? Then congrats on your little girl becoming an adult. Parents may have some different ideas for the right 18th birthday gift idea for daughter. That’s amazing to have so many different ideas that would make your now adult little girl smile on her birthday. However what if you’re not the parents to the birthday girl? What if the birthday girl is actually your sister? There are plenty of 18th birthday gifts for sister that you could easily pick from. Our list is truly suited for anyone on the birthday girl’s guest list. So please look below and see what amazing presents you can find for the now adult girl in your life. Were you able to find something that would work great from our 18 birthday gift ideas for girl? If so that’s really great. We created the list to make the shopping a little bit easier for you. For parents you may have found 18 birthday presents for daughter. Which would be fantastic for you and for the birthday girl. The reason to give a present is to celebrate the past 18 years of raising her and seeing what she can accomplish next. After all, the most important thing is to come together in the celebration of her accomplishments for what she’s done so far. There many that no suggestion that can truly celebrate everything that the birthday may signify for the birthday girl. However our eighteenth birthday present ideas for girls may be as close as it gets. Her party doesn’t have to be anything like a party at Gatsby’s to be remembered. Sometimes the best parties and suggestions are those that are the most intimate. We want to help you harness this idea and give you something that will mean the most to the birthday girl in your life. You never know where she might end up next and it might be nice to have something to take with her on her journey to becoming an adult. Happy Gifting!

20 Cool 30th Birthday Gifts That Men Will Love

Is there a man in your life who is saying goodbye to his 20’s and hello to the big 3-0? Turning 30 can seem like a big deal for a lot of men. Gone are the days of college parties and other shenanigans. By 30 some men have families to support while others have a job to keep them too busy to party. Just because they might not party like they used to doesn’t mean that their 30th birthday isn’t something to be celebrated. We have just the right 30th birthday gift idea for men that you will need. It can be difficult to decide what exactly to get men on their 30th birthdays. If you’re the life partner to the man who is celebrating, then we have a wide selection of 30th birthday gift ideas for husband. You don’t have to throw a gigantic party to help him celebrate turning 30. Every occasion like this deserves some fantastic present options though. You won’t be disappointed with our 30 birthday gifts for him. Did you get a chance to take a good look at all of our suggestions? We wanted to come up with the best selection of great thirtieth birthday gift idea for him that we could. Were you searching for the perfect 30th birthday gift ideas for boyfriend and were inspired by our list? That’s fantastic and we’re so happy we could help you. Perhaps you’re the sibling of the man’s and are looking for a great 30th birthday present idea for brother. Our list is sure to have something to inspire everyone who’s going to bring an item to the upcoming occasion. The day you were born should be celebrated no matter the age someone is turning. The 30-year-old man in your life deserves awesome presents as he enters his third decade of life. So help him to celebrate the awesomeness that is his special day with a suggestion from our list. Remind the man in your life that turning 30 means that the parties may be slowing down, but his youthful nature doesn’t have to do the same. If you’re hosting or attending the birthday party and know of some other partygoers who are also a little lost on what to purchase please send them our way. We truly believe that our list can be applied to everyone searching for an item for the one year older boy no matter the relation to him.