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Two gemstones – amethyst and citrine – have long been the traditional choice when it comes to 17 year anniversary gift ideas for husband or wife. While those were once precious stones beyond the budget of most couples, their price has dropped far below those old highs as huge deposits of the stones have been discovered in South America. Today, almost anyone can afford anniversary gifts that are made from these gems. Still, that doesn’t mean that a woman has to rely on traditional ideas when she’s trying to decide on the perfect 17th wedding anniversary gift idea for him. There are a variety of other giving options out there, including everything from watches and jewelry that incorporate these two stones into their design to more modern furniture choices that serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose. Better yet, you can just take a look at our comprehensive list of suggestions and gain new perspective on the types of mementos and products that might best represent the sentiments you’re trying to express. We can all but guarantee that there’s something in here that will strike your fancy and help you in your decision-making process.


Of course, all of the men out there can benefit from this selection of suggestions as well. In fact, the process of coming up with just the right 17th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her is at least as important as what she picks for her husband. Men often struggle when it comes to shopping for presents. Many are not sure what to get, and worry about whether certain items convey the right message. They want their 17 year wedding anniversary gift idea for wife to be perfect in every way. The problem is that the available presents that are out there are often so scattered throughout different stores and disparate web sites that men get frustrated by the very act of searching for that one perfect idea. That’s why this list works so perfectly for men. Because we’ve compiled all those ideas into one central location, it removes much of the pressure associated with the shopping process. We enable any man to just sit down, peruse the possibilities at his leisure – and then choose the ideal 17th anniversary present idea for her without any of the stress or annoyance he might otherwise experience. It’s no wonder so many men rely on our list for all their giving needs!