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Wood, candy, and iron seemingly have nothing in common. However for those of you gearing up for your 6th wedding anniversary celebration wood, candy, and iron have a lot in common. If you’re still confused that’s okay (we’ll let you in on the secret). Wood, candy, and iron are the traditional and modern items given in celebration of the 6th year of marriage. Are you trying to find the perfect present to celebrate your 6 years of marriage and can’t come up with the right sixth anniversary gifts for wife to encompass how you feel? We’re here to tell you that you’re not alone. In fact thinking of the perfect 6th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her isn’t hard for just you. It can be tricky for anyone who’s trying to come up with the right 6 year anniversary gift idea for her that she’ll love and will encompass how you feel. You might feel like you’re in a pinch right at this moment, but hopefully we can help get you out by giving you a new and fresh perspective on what to choose to celebrate the occasion.


Were we able to help you to jog your imagination on the perfect present to get to celebrate your 6th anniversary? You may have noticed that the items we chose could be used for sixth anniversary present for husband as well. We did that on purpose. We understand that over the years you needs and wants may have shifted to reflect one another’s. Even so 6 year anniversary gift ideas for him might be a little harder to come up with than you initially thought. We’re sure that if you take a look at our list again you’ll find some great 6th anniversary gift idea for him that you might have missed the first time through. Remember that you can always go the traditional route of candy/iron for your beloved. However if you want to keep your gifts more modern you could get something wooden as well. You’re not just limited to those choices though or even just the items that we picked. The whole purpose of our list was meant to inspire you. If you know of others who are struggling to find the perfect present then please point them in our direction. We don’t think that anyone should have to stress over the perfect thing to get his or her loved ones.