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The first year of life is one that may be one of the hardest. It is also one of the most celebrated for everyone involved. All the crying, the tears, the first laughs, and maybe even a few hugs. Is there a special birthday boy in your life? More importantly are there some parents you know that just made it through their first year in raising their rascal boy? Thinking of first birthday gifts for boy can be kind of taxing. If you’ve never had children you might be a little overhead when it comes to one-year-old boys and their ideal presents. After all what do one year olds even do? Are they walking, talking, or still trying to figure out up from down? Never fear we’ve got you covered on all the baby boy 1st birthday gift ideas both big and small. Some of the best presents for baby boys can be found by snooping; asking parents and guardians what he’s into at the moment, and figuring out what the little boy really enjoy playing with. What objects grab their attention the most? You could also give an item that has a very practical use and might make the parents lives a tad easier. If you’re in need of some inspiration please take a look at our first birthday gift ideas for boys.


Now that you’ve seen an array of choices, you may have a better idea of just what options make a great first birthday present. We didn’t mention it at the beginning, but your relation to the birthday boy might play a big role in the present that you decide to purchase. If you’re looking for 1st birthday present ideas for son you may want to think about what toy caught his interest first. Perhaps something that is a little more sentimental. When shopping around for a first birthday gift idea for nephew you may have a more fun loving approach and choose something that is a little bit useless but a lot of bit awesome to your young nephew. The best part about giving 1st birthday presents to the special boy is that no matter what it is he’s sure to be in awe. After all if he’s never seen it before you might as well be gifting him the moon. Your son, nephew, or other special boy in your life is sure to love whichever present you decide to get him.