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Is there a little girl in your life who is no longer a something-month old, but instead can have the title of one year old? This is a really exciting occasion and a birthday that must be celebrated. Babies go through so much in their first year of life. So cherish the day by getting the right present that will make her smile light up the room. We have some great suggestions for 1st birthday gifts for girl. Are you questioning if you even need first birthday gift ideas for girls? Aren’t they just going to slobber all over the cute toy? In short, yes, there will probably be some slobber, but these baby girl first gift ideas can also help to expand the little girl’s world. Babies love being exposed to new and different things. Chances are the presents you choose will blow her little mind and help her to grow. Our suggestion to you would be to look around and you might just find the perfect one for her.


Did our list help to spark your imagination? It’s our hope that we’ve helped you with your shopping for amazing and functional 1st birthday gift ideas for daughter. Or perhaps you’re the aunt or uncle of a little princess. If that’s the case then you can probably choose first birthday gifts for niece that her parents never would have thought to get. Not only can you be her favorite Aunt or Uncle, but you can also rest assured that you’re helping to further developer her intellectual abilities. It’s good to remember that function doesn’t always have to come before fun. Some of the best suggestions are those that combine fun with functionality. When instilling a love of life and learning in kids its important to make sure that their first presents create positive interactions. A first birthday is meant to celebrate everything that has happened in the past from the craziness of being a newborn to saying her first word. The best part is that she has so many new firsts in her future still. Are you shopping for a present but aren’t direct family? That’s really great and we’ve got plenty options for you as well. If you’re the parents of a birthday girl then you’ll have a lot of decisions to make about the perfect first birthday presents for daughters (if you have more than one) to choose from.