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Is there a woman in your life that’s about to celebrate turning 40? A common practice for women as they age is to stop discussing their age. You can stop this trend by helping the woman in your life celebrate turning 40. Remind her that she can adopt a famous quote of Lucille Ball’s “The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age”. This will help bring some humor to the birthday. Another way you can help the birthday woman celebrate is by getting her a great item that she will love. We’re here to help you find some great 40th birthday gift ideas for her. For parents, we have some fantastic fortieth birthday gifts for daughter. Help her celebrate all of her accomplishments in her life. You may even be able to remind her that’s she’s still your little girl no matter how old she is. For the brother or sister of the birthday woman we also have 40th birthday gift ideas for sister. Everyone may be looking for something a little different depending on your relation to the birthday woman. The following list will give you some great ideas for items that would be amazing for any woman turning 40.


Did our list help to spark some great ideas for some amazing suggestions you could get her? If you’re the child of the birthday woman you may be looking for the right product or item that’s just right. Our list is filled with plenty of fortieth birthday gift ideas for moms that are sure to match exactly what you’re looking for. Are you approaching this present giving as the spouse of the birthday woman? Our 40th birthday gift idea for wife should give you some wonderful inspiration to get something that she would love. If you feel that perhaps the inspiration just hasn’t struck you yet we strongly encourage you to look back through our list and picture her reaction to some your top choices. Also feel free to share our suggestions of 40 birthday presents for her with others that are looking for the perfect item. There is another fun quote that you could include in a card that you may give with your present. The quote reads, “From this point on, every birthday will be your 39th”. Help the birthday woman by brining a smile to her face and she’ll realize that she’s 40 and fabulous!