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Is there a man in your life who is celebrating his 70th birthday? Do feel you lost trying to pick the perfect gift for him? We understand that shopping for a birthday present can be a bit of a challenge. Some may find that the older the men in their life become the harder it gets to choose a gift for them. This can especially be the case for the children of the birthday man. Not to worry though! We have some fantastic 70th birthday gift ideas for dad that are sure to knock his socks off. When some turn 70 it seems that if they were already sarcastic in nature that is amplified with age. So much so that you may think the birthday man in your life is a bit of a sour puss. Well no matter if he seems a little more sarcastic or grumpy these days we can still help you find some great 70th birthday gift ideas for him. So please feel free to take a look at our list and see what awesome treasures are waiting to be uncovered by you.


It’s our hope that you were able to find something that caught your attention from our list of items. There are plenty of 70th birthday gifts for men that you could choose. By age seventy there’s probably not many items left that he couldn’t just purchase for himself if he wanted to. And there’s where you challenge lies. When thinking of presents to get you may have to think outside of the box. You might have to think of (not to mention) find the item that he doesn’t know he needs or wants. If you’re the sibling of the birthday man’s you may be in an even more unique situation when shopping for the perfect present. You could go for something that’s unique, sentimental, or both. Don’t feel bad if you’re overwhelmed in coming up with an idea. Our list can be used to your advantage when you’re looking for the right 70th birthday present for your brother. If you’re going to or throwing a party for him you may come across others that are also struggling with finding a great present. You can lend them a helping hand by sending them to us. Our list will be sure to help spark anyone’s imagination when it comes to shopping for presents.