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When you’re a man, there are a few things you just have to understand about the woman you love, especially when it comes to your memory. Believe it or not, you can get away with forgetting the anniversary of the day you met your girlfriend. You can get away with being absent-minded when it comes to running errands she asked you to while you were out of the house. You can even forget her best friend’s name. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, though, you cannot afford to make a mistake! You have to get her something truly special on this, the most romantic day of the year. But, what is the best valentine gift for girlfriend anyway? It’s not like they teach about such things in school, right? Well, when it comes to making sure that you get your girl something every bit as special as she is, we have you covered. With our list of really good valentines gift ideas for girlfriend, you never have to wonder whether the item you’re giving her is something that she’ll actually appreciate. We’ve taken extra care to ensure that your choice is sure to please her!


Now look, you’ve seen the list and you know what you have to do. You may be tempted to just buy her some flowers and call it a day, but deep down inside you know just what kind of a mistake that would be. Flowers die, remember? When you give a girl something on Valentine’s Day, it has to have some permanence to it – something that symbolizes the durability of your relationship. Sure, you can give her flowers as well, but they should be the garnish on your dish, not the meal itself. Get her flowers and pick out a meaningful card filled with mushy sentiment and finely-crafted sweet-nothings. And then add those two things to the item you select from our list of cute valentines day presents for girlfriends. It only takes one blown sweetheart’s holiday to ruin a perfectly fine relationship. Fortunately, our list has the type of keepsake items that are certain to catch her eye. More importantly, they are sure to keep you out of the doghouse and on her good side for at least the next few months. Of course, that only works if you remember the holiday and don’t forget to get her a present. That part’s up to you!