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So you’re about to be a bride, and have picked your maid of honor and bridesmaids? Well congratulations! Now all that’s left to do is to finish planning the wedding, maybe enjoy a fabulous bachelorette party, and then walk down the aisle and say those two magic words, right? Not so fast! While we all know that it’s traditional for everyone invited to the wedding to bring presents to honor you and your lucky groom, you actually have a traditional responsibility in that area as well. Yes, that’s right; just as everyone is expected to get your something for your wedding there is also a tradition of brides giving something special to their bridesmaids and maid of honor. Have you given any thought to what might make a good gift idea for maid of honor from bride – or the type of items that the bridesmaids would appreciate? If you just suddenly felt a wave of panic wash over you, chances are you all but forgot about that little tradition. Fortunately for you, we didn’t! In fact, we prepared a great list of some of the best maid of honor gift ideas from bride that is certain to meet your needs!


Now, you know how your girlfriends and relatives in the bridal party are going to love receiving a meaningful memento from you, so choose wisely! You want to give them all things that reflect your special relationship with one another, while at the same time conveying just how deeply you appreciate the love and support they’ve provided you throughout your engagement. Like most women who are about to get married, you’ve relied on the people in your bridal party to help you through any moments of anxiety or doubt. They may have even helped you with certain aspects of the planning process. Obviously, you want to reward their steadfastness with something that they’ll be able to treasure for the rest of their lives. Well, we have the type of unique gift ideas for bridesmaids and maid of honors that any bride should be proud to give to the women in her bridal party. Everything has been hand-selected for quality, so you never have to worry about anyone thinking that you skimped on the price! When you shop from our list, you can rest assured that everyone who receives one of the items you pick will be truly moved by the gesture!