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The time-honored tradition of asking friends or family members to serve as godparents for your children may not be as near-universal as it once was, but it is still a fairly common practice. All too often, however, those people are soon forgotten, as life goes on. Oh sure, there may be intermittent contact over the years, but the relationship between them and the child is seldom as close as most parents envision. One way to avoid that lack of familiarity is to regularly remind them about how important they are by giving them the best godparent gifts you can find. That’s right! Start with a present at the christening, and then follow up with regular mementos each year on birthdays and the holidays. Still, finding the right way to express your appreciation can be difficult. The good news is that you can find the unique godparent gift for baptism ideas you need just by looking through the list of suggestions we’ve taken the time to compile for you. The role of this person is an important one, and this is your chance to show your child’s holy protectors just how appreciative you are that they’ve taken on the job!


Obviously, that first offering should be something truly special. After all, a child is only christened once in his or her life, so that ceremony should be celebrated in style. We have a number of good godparent gift ideas for christening events that can take a lot of that selection pressure off your shoulders. Now, many parents would stop after that first token of appreciation, but that’s not the best way to maintain a strong relationship between the godparents and your child. They should be like extended family – and we all routinely celebrate different events in the lives of our extended family members. To help you do that, we also include many suggestions that can be used on a variety of different occasions. So, there’s always a god parent present available for events like birthdays, Christmas, and even Mother’s Day. Those can all be great ways to periodically remind those godparents that they’re still important members of your family, even if their only official connection is ceremonial in nature, Years from now, when your child still has strong ties to his or her godparents, you’ll be glad you took the time and effort necessary to use our list of great ideas to strengthen those important ties!