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Cheerleading is one of those sports that tend to draw little real attention when it comes to competitive activities. While those families who actively participate in it understand just how fiercely the girls compete for their spots on the squad, few outside of the sport have any real concept of just how much work – and coaching – is involved in the entire process. For the cheerleaders themselves, and their families, the selection of special cheerleading coach gifts can be a great way to let everyone on the coaching staff know just how appreciated they are for all of the long hours and hard work they’ve put into helping the girls and boys on the squad develop the skills necessary to meet the demands of the sport. Often times, though, the very process of picking the right item to give those coaches can become a contest in and of itself. After all, each of the members of that squad is likely to have his or her own strong opinion as to what they should give. To help focus all those opinions and ease the selection process, we’ve created a list of some of the best ideas available.


As you examine the list, it’s important to remember a few key things. Since this is something that is coming from the entire squad, you should work out a plan to ensure that everyone is happy with the selection you ultimately make. Have everyone involved jot down a few things they know about the coaches, and use those personality traits to help guide you in the selection process. Once you’ve narrowed down the possibilities, determine how much money you’ll need to purchase your selected items – and then ask for contributions from everyone on the squad. Obviously, you shouldn’t make donations a mandatory thing, but the more people who contribute, the easier the purchase will be. After you’ve figured out how much you’ll have available for your gift idea for cheerleading coaches, you can make your final selection and get the item your squad agrees will best match the personalities of the coaching staff. Finally, carefully plan for the moment when you give the item to your coaches. You want it to be a special moment that will be remembered years afterwards, so make sure that everyone on the squad will be there so that he or she knows that the present is coming from the entire group!