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Planting season is usually year round for people born with green thumbs. For the master gardener in your life any special occasion calls for some great gardener gift ideas. That’s what we’re here for to help give you some great gift ideas for the garden lovers in your life. You may have it in your mind that you can only get garden themed presents for your mom. We’re here to tell you that are not the case. In fact we have a whole host of gardening gifts for dad! That’s right, dads can have green thumbs as well and our list is sure to have some fun items for everyone. You don’t always have to get a pack of seeds or a new shovel to get a special present for the green thumb in your life. So go ahead and take a look at our list. You never know what kind of great ideas you might dig up!


Were you able to unearth some fantastic garden gift ideas from our list? We hope that our list of present ideas for garden enthusiasts has helped push you in the right direction. Not everyone may have a green thumb, but we believe that for those who do that these gifts are right on point. As we talked about earlier gardening is no longer a hobby for women. In fact there’s new movement of men taking up gardening. This no real surprise considering what great exercise gardening can be not to mention some men may find gardening to be extremely relaxing. Bill Watterson is quoted in saying “If your knees aren’t green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life”. We feel that this quote is speaking directly to male gardeners and could be their mantra. In other words saying that if you don’t work hard after you day of gardening then it’s not worth the effort. Our gardening presents for men should help to inspire you on the best present for male green thumb in your life. If you’re still stuck on deciding the perfect gift to get then we encourage you to take another little walkthrough our list and really think about whom you’re giving the gift to. Do you want the gift to be more useful or more of a novelty item? Whichever is the case we’re confident that our list has the perfect gift!