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Finding gifts for your dad can always be a bit of a tough thing to do. There are some fathers that no matter how many times you ask them what they want they simply say, “I don’t want anything.” If this sounds like your father and you’re trying to find a great present for him we understand your struggle. We also understand that because you never got a direct answer you’ve put off your gift shopping until the last minute. Don’t fret too much though. We have your back. As a preemptive strike against belated gifts we created a list of last minute gift ideas for your dad. The list could be used for any occasion that you’re shopping for. This list is especially handy if you need a last minute birthday gift for your dad. Most of the time when fathers say “I don’t want anything.” they’re putting up a bit of a front. People tend to enjoy that you would get a gift just for them. So if you’re in a pinch and short on ideas take a look at our list and become inspired.


We hope that you were able to find some great inspiration for last minute presents for your father. Procrastination is perfectly normal when it comes to gifts. There’s a reason that we created this list. We know that despite your best efforts you may have a lot on your plate. As much as you may want to go shopping for a great gift that you have planned on for months sometimes it’s just not in the cards. Your dad’s birthday isn’t an exception to this occurring. There just happen to be moments where last minute shopping is the only option. We put together the last minute birthday gift ideas for your dad so that you didn’t have to. Rushing to find the perfect gift at the last minute isn’t something that you have to do by yourself. There are plenty of people who are in the same exact boat as you are. We’re wiling to bet that your father has been here himself a time or two. So be sure to take a deep breathe, relax, and know that you will find an awesome present for your dad. He never needs to know it was a last minute gift.